Economics Department, University of Dhaka is set to celebrate the 100th Anniversary

July 2021 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Department of Economics, University of Dhaka! To celebrate this incredible milestone, EconDU has decided to encapsulate the institutional memories of historical significance in a volume of a book to be published next year and release a documentary capturing our accomplishments and memories over the years. We also plan to arrange a series of public lectures and photo exhibitions, and if circumstances allow a grand Reunion Event!

The Department of Economics is, therefore, encouraging you to share your memories with us so that we can document our glorious history together.

What we are looking for:

  • Photos: Preferably group batch photos. Nevertheless, you can send your old pictures with your friends/teachers in the Department as well. Please mention the batch and university admission year while submitting the photos.
  • Video clips: Any old video clips related to our Department are welcome to share.
  • Memoirs: Memoirs can be in Bangla (SutonnyMJ 12 pt, single-spaced) or in English (Times News Roman, 12 pt, single-spaced). Word limit: Not more than 2000. Please mention the batch and university admission year while submitting the memoirs.
  • Documents: If you have any old documents (including rare pieces of articles – from old newspaper/Journals/anything) that bear historical resemblance or signifies the dignity of our Department from the past – feel free to share with us. You can share the scanned copy/a well lit-photograph. If required, our dedicated team will contact you and collect the piece from you, scan it and return it back to you in no time. Just drop an e-mail to us with your contact details. Our team will reach back to you.

Where to send:

Deadline for Submission: 31st December 2020!