Overcoming Barriers, Building Careers.

The ultimate target of ECA from the inauguration has been to better prepare the young and talented minds of the department of Economics to excel in the professional life.

The vision of ECA is to empower students with knowledge and skills in order to develop them as sophisticated intellectuals, competent leaders, thus enabling them to reach the pinnacle of their chosen field.

With these views in mind, ECA tries to organize events focused on professional development of economics majors of the University of Dhaka. For instance, in this year, despite being set back by the pandemic, ECA rapidly turned the obstacle into a blessing by organizing a series of workshops throughout the year with the best academics and professionals of our country.

The current agenda of ECA remains the same as its foundation one. In addition, ECA looks forward to a paradigm shift as the world around us is also encountering it with buzz words like big data, data science, machine learning, quantum computing, etc. The ECA YouTube channel features short clips of our various works and events. We are looking forward to bring some high quality tutorials in Bangla.

Our key objectives are as follows:

  • Facilitate capacity building for students in order to meet career challenges
  • Provide students with the opportunities to receive career counselling and guidance
  • Equip students with marketable skills for diverse careers
  • Keep students aware of the latest developments in various professional fields
  • Create an interactive platform for leadership practices and teamwork
  • Provide networking opportunities for students with established professionals and alumni
  • Facilitate in developing students’ interpersonal skills and professional etiquette
  • Encourage intellectual stimulation among students on practical career related issues and applications
  • Represent Department of Economics, University of Dhaka in different sectors and levels.